Friday, January 06, 2006

Being "eyed" at the range

The pressure was on at the range yesterday. Not in the form of a teacher or any other pro or anything. No, the eyes that were on me were those of a six year old girl.

I finally felt comfortable leaving the Goose alone for a little while and really needed to get out and swing a little. I had another errand to run and didn't want to be gone too long, so I only got one bucket at the range. My swing felt good and every club I picked up was doing what it was supposed to. I was even using the 25-35 mph wind to land some shots on a couple of the greens at different distances. Not every shot was spot on, of course, but every shot was clean. I worked my way up to my driver and was having fun showing off to the teenaged boys who were trying to outdo me a couple stalls down (not a problem, only one of the three could even hit the ball).

I had just finished with my driver and was starting to cool down with my 7 iron when the "eyes" came my way. A little girl in all pink shorts and top - couldn't be cuter - was walking with a man, probably her grandfather, on their way to the lower portion of the range. They were coming from behind me so I hadn't seen them yet, but I heard something to the effect of "well, you can hit it like that when you get older and have more muscles" as they were approaching. I didn't know he was talking about me. As they were passing, I turned my head and saw them. She practically giggled when I looked at her and I smiled and went back to my business. The man then stopped, and sat her down on the bench right there to just watch me. He made comments like "see how smooth she swings" and "just like that" and "doesn't her swing look smooth and easy."

First, I've never had anyone point to my swing as the right way to do things. That was cool. Even better than that, though, was the look of awe on this little girl's face. When I waved to her as they walked away, she waved back and grabbed her grandpa and giggled into him.

I switched to my sand wedge and my lefty club to finish out the last few balls and proceeded to dunk the 50 yard basket in a final hoorah. Good outing all around I'd say. Good outing. Thanks, little girl.

Next post.


Martin Levac said...

Feels good, doesn't it? It's kind of a confirmation of the work you put in. It happened to me a few times (more than a few actually) at the range and on the course. That little girl will remember you for quite some time. She might even pick up the game just because she watched you hit a few balls with that smooth swing.

mediaguru at hookedongolfblog.com said...

Hmm. Hasn't happened to me. One time someone told their grandson my swing looked like an epileptic choking on a chicken wing though...

Golfchick said...

Hilarious, media! :)

eddie said...

how is kess doing?
how did she injury her back?

dave said...

That was very enjoyable post to read. I didn't have to think or consider just a real nice story. Thanks for sharing!

Golfchick said...

Kess is doing exceptionally well, thanks for asking. She had two ruptured disks in her back that were pinching her spinal cord, causing her to lose nerve sensation and would have eventually left her completely paralyzed in the back end. So she had a hemi-laminectomy to remove the offending disk material and relieve the pressure on the spinal cord.
She's recovering really well even before considering her advanced age.

She got into the trash while I was at the range. Up to her old shenanigans already - it was hard to get mad at her because I was so glad she had the ability and desire to do it. :)


eddie said...

sounds like she's feeling better.
in the trash, uh.
glad to hear it.
take care

kiwihacker said...

What a cool story.

Normally people look at my swing and say if that do the complete opposite of me they'll be on tour next week

Anonymous said...

Golfchick... what do you do about Driving Range "Dons"? I have had several men try to give me pointers and lessons, until I bring up the fact that I have a husband... then they usually are late to an appointment. I need a big "M" on my head for Married I guess. Ever had that experience at the Range? Golfchickwannabe

Golfchick said...

Golfchickwannabe (you flatter me):

Men try to give me tips on the tee when we're paired up in the same foursome but I have never encountered your particular problem at the range and for that I can think of all manner of excuses:

1. They feel their tips would be inadequate.
2. The ever-present teaching pros and the range management would frown on amateur lessons.
3. My at-rest or focused face includes a natural downturn of the mouth, making me seem surly and unapproachable. (Have I thought about this too much?)
4. It's not happening to the other women at the range either, so maybe it's a regional or cultural thing. Where are you from?

Okay, so are you just that cute or is your swing that needy? Maybe I need a big "S" on my head for Single. Or Superfreak. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey again Golfchick. My swing was probably that needy as it was my first full summer of golf (a year and a half ago) but I have been told I'm kinda cute too. By older men anyway. I seem to have this "geezer magnet" imbedded somewhere in my body. Anyway, these incidents happened at a small public driving range that is oddly enough placed near a sports bar. Men folks can go to Happy Hour then go hit balls and hit on women. What a concept. There's not much to do in Tulsa OK so I think the driving range "don" thing is becoming new sport, or quest or fantasy maybe. Anyway one "don" I met was actually a good teacher and I learned a lot from him. So I didn't mention my husband. Big deal. I was learning a lot so why blow a good lesson just because of silly thing like marriage? Since then my husband and I have joined a proper Country Club and I don't get free lessons anymore. Just some appreciative glances and tips of the hat. But I have yet to be admired by a youngster as you have been so I still have goals to attain. Thanks for your reply and thanks for all your good posts (love the Goose). I really enjoy reading about you and your golf feats. You inspire me. Golfchickwannabe