Friday, December 30, 2005

The Goose is home

After playing a round at Westlake yesterday, we went straight to the hospital to visit the Goose. Her surgeon gave his permission for her discharge but said she could stay as long as I wanted or needed. She's not standing on her own, and as you might imagine, that makes things difficult with a Great Dane. Even though they were treating her royally there, it's still a hospital and not home. She whined and whined in the visiting room and we just knew she had to come home. Plus, I missed her terribly. If it was just me, I couldn't have done it. Thankfully, I have Greg who is enthusiastically helping. I certainly couldn't have brought her home by myself. I couldn't even have gotten her out of the car and into the house.

Most dogs' lives are all about the basic needs (eating, drinking, sleeping, going potty). Add to that four times daily medication and near non-stop affection and you have the needs of the Goose right now. And all of those from the lie-down position for the most part. We rotate the goose and try to get her moving and take care of her like a baby (Desitin and all). She requires pretty much constant supervision and she's uncomfortable a lot of the time. It's stressful and my emotions are raw, which is why I'm glad I got some golf in yesterday.

Oh yeah, the golf

Speaking of that, I wore my new rides and tested them out with a nice 18-hole walk. The cushy feeling never went away and my feet still felt good after the round. So there's your answer, Jen. Oh, and speaking of Jennifer Mario, her resolution to break 80 next year inspired me to put that on my own list, although I intend to do more than that with my game. :) Anyway, I shot a 40 on the front nine and really thought I might pull it off in 2005. And even if it happened on this short par 67 course, I'd have counted it. Alas, it wasn't to be. I shot a disappointing 44 on the back for a grand total of 84. I did play from the blue tees, but I doubt playing from different tees would have made a five stroke difference. Ah well, I'll get it next year!

More importantly, the Goose will be out of diapers, up from her wheelchair (the two of us lifting her in a sling), playing like a puppy and good as new. So much to look forward to in 2006!

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