Thursday, January 05, 2006

A little miffed at TravelGolf

Around six months ago I asked for, and was told I would receive, pictures of the space shuttle that Tim McDonald took of the Discovery launch from the Duran Golf Club. I'm a geek for space stuff and combining it with golf just made me a little ... tingly.

I received an e-mail from Travel Golf's Mark Nessmith (maybe he moderates the posts or something) that he indeed passed along my e-mail address to Tim in order for him to send the photos. A while later I e-mailed back that I never got them and Mark said he'd try to make it happen.

Still nothing. What's the matter, Tim? Have I offended you in some way? Is it my appreciation of Jennifer Mario? Or did you simply forget? A few times. You're so busy. And important. And powerful. That's all I've got. Will you send them now?

Next post.


Anonymous said...

Well GC, it's nice to hear that you have an appreciation for space exploration. I can't do much at the moment, but I can tell you that I am writing this from mission control in Houston. I'm waiting for a "sim" to begin and I have a few moments to browse some blogs.


Golfchick said...

Ah yes, "an appreciation for space exploration" sounds much more intelligent than "a geek for space stuff." That's exactly what I meant. :)

Greg, you have a new devoted reader. I'll be looking for space posts from time to time. :)