Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Women's golf week June 2 - June 9

I wrote about Women's Golf Week in my Worldgolf column this month. Also, check out the Play Golf America site for more information.

I suppose that's a better name than Golf chick's week, but either way, let's get out there and play.

Honorable mention: it seems the photo Worldgolf used for my column was taken by "Christ" Baldwin. Has Baldy's ego reached new heights or does it just mean I've been blessed?

Update: The photo credit has been edited to read "Chris" instead of "Christ." Just to prove I'm not insane, here is a snapshot of it before the adjustment. I may still be insane, but this won't be the proof. Unless I'm crazy to prolong this but that's another story.


Tom said...

Hey Kristen:
You overestimate the golf industry's commitment to women golfers. After the Golf Foundation came out with flat numbers for rounds of golf played the conclusion was to focus on core golfers (mostly men who play more than 8 rounds a year); this despite their data showing the number and percentage of women golfers growing. There is a terrific opportunity to serve women golfers; it will be good for the women and for golf. Women's Golf Week is a good start; but I wonder how many men will take the time to play with a woman next week?

Golfchick said...

Where did I overestimate it? I thought I had more of a "glad they're doing something, let's take advantage" kind of tone. Anyway, speaking as one of the under-served (though I've been known to be over-served), it would be great to see the industry do more to focus on women. Like you said, it's a good start.

Green Goddess said...

Speaking for UK golfers, it seems a shame there's no women's golf week here. Will add this to my blog and hope someone will take notice. I think women's golf is quite strong here but at my club there are only 3 lady members!