Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ron Mon's playing 100 for charity

Golf may not be reserved for the elite like it once was but let's face it - it can still be an expensive hobby and we're privileged enough if we have the luxury to play. That's why I love it when people use golf to give back.

Long time travelgolf blogger, Ron Montesano (wasn't he killed off in the Sopranos?) is playing 100 holes of golf on June 18 and seeking sponsors to benefit the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation and its fight against cancer on behalf of "Carly's Club."

Please visit this site and contribute what you can for this great cause.

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Anonymous said...

Nice...way to take a shot at the mediterranean brethren. Thanks for the plug. COME ON, Golf Chick readers--Step up and contribute!! I'll be as grateful as Tony!
--Ron Mon

Agent10 said...

Working for charity is a great thing. In my view the life styles of celebrities like him will encourage the public to do more things for charity.

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