Thursday, May 24, 2007

There's a new golf chick on the scene...

... and she means business!

Her name is Elizabeth Jones, and she's a +3 handicap. That's right - PLUS 3! I'm only a plus ONE... in my dreams.

As a recent college grad, she's struggling to make ends meet while working two jobs and fitting in practice time so she can work towards her ultimate goal of playing on the LPGA Tour.

She started a new blog where she writes about golf stuff like many of us do, but her site also promotes her products that are instructional books to help people improve their golf games. She's just trying to earn enough money to help her pay for the tests she needs to become a pro and start her golf career. She recently wrote about some pink golf shoes she got, and as an Imelda myself, I can appreciate that. I think I'm gonna like this girl.

Not only is she adorable, but she can really play golf!

It's always nice to welcome another female golf blogger to the scene, but it's a rare treat to have one who plays so well - I guess the same can be said for the guys, right? Check her out and let's hope she sticks around awhile (where have you gone, Megan?).

Update: broken links removed.

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Duke said...

+3!!? Really. Maybe she needs to move back a set of tees...isn't that just like a man, always wanting to equalize things...Great job Elizabeth..Let me know how I can help.

Rick said...

Her site seems to have disappeared. The link doesn't go anywhere.