Monday, January 29, 2007

Steroid testing in golf

Some women are naturally stronger or more athletic than others. Some really work on their bodies to increase their strength and skills. Some are more logically than emotionally oriented. These women already have an edge against their peers and will be among the first to be accused of "juicing."

I know from experience that such an accusation, however tongue-in-cheek it is disguised, can rile a girl. A word to the innocent - don't react angrily; it'll just fuel their malice or raillery with innuendos of 'roid rage to further push your buttons.

My new column on Worldgolf.com discusses the topic of steroid testing in golf.

For more opinions on this subject, check out these posts on The Sand Trap, Golf Punk and The Golf Blogger. If I've left out your favorite reference or you have your own opinions, let me know!

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Jam Boy said...

Thanks for bringing this topic up. I haven't quite figured out where I stand on this topic yet. I mean, in the Olympics or sports like Baseball I can understand why people could get upset...I mean, the "roids" really do help you move faster, jump further, and mash that baseball over the fences more often than not...

But other than driving the golf ball...Dave Pelz claims (as do many others) that 66% of the game happens from 100 yards and in. So I guess my question is: do steriods also help with finesse? Maybe that's a dumb question. But, having never actually popped the nad-shrinking pills before, I just had to ask.

Take care Golfchick.