Monday, January 29, 2007

The "other Goose" puts up a dramatic win and Jennifer Mario has nothing to say?

Jennifer Mario
I can't believe it. Jennifer Mario, probably the biggest Goosen fan in the golf blogosphere, has nothing to say about Retief's win at the Qatar Masters? For crying out loud, he birdied 17 and eagled the final hole to doretief goosen it - it doesn't get much more dramatic than that. AND he hadn't won in over a year. I know you've been absent from blogging for awhile, Jennifer, but come on! Where are you??? Is your book Michelle Wie: The Making of a Champion keeping you so busy that worldgolf, travelgolf and all your readers are just dust in your taillights? If a Goosen win doesn't call you out, what will?

(Photo of Jennifer Mario by Tonya Locke from the back cover of Jennifer's book Michelle Wie: The Making of a Champion. Photo of Retief Goosen with his trophy at the Qatar Masters - what the hell is that thang?)

I mean really... my Goose (THE Goose) gets more press than Retief. And everyone else is busy talking about Tiger. It's the least you could do.

old lady gooseThe old lady diva gets the ink.


alexander said...

Damn, that trophy really scares me. Does it bite?

We should set up a collection / voting for the ugliest trophies on tour. Here's another candidate.

Patricia said...

Yeah, what happened to all that healthy Retief lust Jen used to harbor???

BTW, Goose looks awesome in the burqua...is she heading to Qatar as well?

Scott said...

Notice how Retief appears to be warily keeping his distance from that thing, which will no doubt look quite odd on his mantel...

If you want to REALLY see an odd trophy...check this one out:


Jen Mario said...

I've been off Retief ever since I found out he had an affair with his kids' nanny.

No wait, that was Jude Law. Yeah, I'm totally off him too.

What can I say, I bin busy! World tour promoting the book and all that. Or... driving the kids to school and their numerous activities and back all freaking day. Seriously, what is that all about?

I'll try to get back in the game as soon as I can. Thanks for remembering I exist.

Jen Mario said...

PS Retief is still totally hot!

Andy Brown said...

Shows the class of the player if he can win like that whilst undergoing considerable swing changes!