Wednesday, January 31, 2007

DST extended... means more golf this year!

Whatever else you want to say about the U.S. government, it did something good for golfers (and nuclear and oil companies) back in 2005 when President Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Starting this year, Daylight Saving Time will start earlier and end later than before, giving golfers more opportunities to play! We can start squeezing in those twilight rounds after work in March now! And if we're lucky, the golf courses will be slow in adjusting their twilight rates to follow suit so we can weasel in some real bargains.

The new system gives us four weeks more of DST, with three of the weeks coming at the beginning and one week at the end. So, where we used to set the clocks forward on the first Sunday of April, now we do it on the second Sunday of March. And we don't have to set them back until the first Sunday of November instead of the last Sunday of October.

I don't know about you, but I always looked forward to Daylight Saving Time even before I became a golfer. Now I have even more reason to rejoice.

I keep all the extra daylight in a 5-gallon Arrowhead bottle and cash it in when it's full. I hear American Express and Diners Club are going to start exchanging it point for point in 2008 so we can redeem those rewards even faster!

The Department of Energy will study the impact of the change and report its findings to Congress, which has reserved the right to change it back if the report is unfavorable. Just in case, enjoy the shifted time while you can! That is, unless you live in one of those weird places that doesn't observe DST in the first place.

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Greg said...

I have already marked my calendar for when DST starts. We're planning on playing a couple of resort courses in the area and we're banking on the course to be slow to update the afternoon rates.

We sure think alike :)


TartanGolfGrips DotCom said...

Thank you for that interesting news, Kristen!

I share your Daylight Savings fandom, and consider it one of the best days of the year!

Didn't even notice that my March calendar already INDICATES this - I was still in the first-Sunday-in-April mode...

GREAT news!!!

(Now all we have to hope for is that SoCal doesn't have a repeat of LAST Spring's weather, which featured an extended bout of WINTER-type RAINY weather, following an abnormally warm/dry winter season, which is eerily like that we've had THIS year...)


Jeremy said...

All the daylight in your little bottle won't help unless this snow melts soon.
I don't think I will be able to golf until mid-March or April! ARGGH!

Kiwi said...

Oh man no fair !!!! It never got changed down here, thats it I'm moving