Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to The Goose!

It's a big day at the Williams house. We are honoring the 12th birthday of Her Royal Highness Kess (a.k.a. The Goose). For those of you who don't know, that's an impressive number for a Great Dane. I know I'll never make it that far in human years. Not even close. So what do you get a Goose who has everything?

Well, the same question arose for Christmas and she answered it for me: A hospital stay, twice-weekly acupuncture sessions, a new car to more comfortably transport her to and from those visits, boxes and boxes of potty pads, a diaper bag (thanks, Greg!), a new sling, specially concocted medications by the truckload, Chinese herbs, a stethoscope, a new airbed and blankets, several more doctor's visits and lab tests, home-cooked people food and never leaving her alone long enough for a round of golf (priceless).

Kess is thrilled about her birthday.

And of course she also got some new necklaces, toys and treats to make the gift opening session more fun.

Now what to get her for her birthday? Shhh... don't tell her yet and spoil the surprise, but she's getting another urinalysis! She'll also be starting a new hydrotherapy regimen this week with underwater treadmill workouts. She's having a chicken pecan Lean Cuisine lunch (she's tired of my cooking) and tonight we'll be celebrating with a big birthday steak.

I got a little something for her birthday, too. Check out the strategically placed Birdie Girl bag behind her in the picture. Now I just need a chance to use it! I'm sure Greg will come over and babysit and maybe I can scrape up enough change from the couch cushions to pay for a round.

I know, I know... poor me. But only literally! I'm lucky and elated to have her happy and home to celebrate this big day and with a lot more luck and love, she'll be celebrating her 13th standing on all fours!

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wkw said...

A big happy birthday to The Goose from the Wolfrum's canine clan: Max, Jack and Duchess.


TartanGolfGrips DotCom said...

Hi Kess -

Triniti and Tailer wish you THEIR best, and hope that you enjoy that big birthday steak!!!

You're lucky to have such a great Mom, who takes such good care of you...

Lots of wags and tummy rubs,

Trini and Tailer
(The Tartan Pups)

TartanGolfGrips DotCom said...

Oh, and Kristen -

Nice SELF-GIFTING with the cool lookin' Birdie Girl bag...

Tres chic!

Enjoy Kess' birthday, too! (With best wishes for health and happiness to all...)


Patricia said...

Warm birthday wishes to The Goose!

I'm thinking, more jewelry like the Christmas collar charm...or maybe you're saving that for Valentine's Day.

mediaguru @ HookedOnGolfBlog.com said...

Happy bday goose. My uncle's great dane "Brutis" didn't make it past 9 years... He was 6'3" on his hind legs and about 200 pounds.

Golfchick said...

Thanks everyone!