Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another Taylor Made driver

Since I'm such a TaylorMade chick, this new driver caught my eye. It seems to have been launched with a whisper and I can't find that much information about it. It's not even on the Taylor Made website yet!

taylormade burner driver
Here it is: The Taylor Made Burner Driver. It also comes in a "TP" model, which increases the price by $100 if nothing else. It's less expensive than many other TM drivers, at only $299 and $399 (for the TP). Maybe our golf blogger friends at the PGA Merchandise show will bring back some more information on it. Personally, I think TaylorMade oughta send me one to test!

I'm just happy that as far as I know, Taylor Made has not released a square driver. Hallelujah. I know, I know - it's probably just a matter of time. And maybe that's why this one's sneaking onto the scene - it's not in line with the current fad.

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Jeremy said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the link and reply on my blog. I appreciate the comments!

Take care,

Anonymous said...
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Kiwi said...

Its in John Dalys bag so it must be pretty good

Nolan Matthias said...

I hit this driver the day it was released at the PGA Merchandising Show in Orlando. Its one heck of a hot driver and the Remax Ladies Long Drive Champion who was travelling with me agreed!


Golfchick said...

Thanks for the feedback, Nolan. I am looking forward to taking a few swings with in the simulator when it arrives at stores.