Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reader question - golfer slang

Mike from Philadelphia submitted this question (to me, not the Goose):

Someone was telling me that there are different types of golfers such as Golf freaks, trunk slammers, and club members. I was trying to get a good definition for each but I couldn't find much on the internet because it appears some of these terms are slang. I was wondering if you've ever heard these terms used a lot and if you have an idea how you would define these terms.

Mike figured out that these terms are slang right away. Good job, Mike. Aside from "golf freak," I have never actually heard these terms used, but I won't let that stop me from answering the question and defining the terms here and now.

Golf Freak(glf frk), n.

1: A golfer that is markedly unusual or deformed; (see circus freak)
2: A person who is so utterly devoted or addicted to the game of golf that he or she plays as often as possible, can't get enough gear or knowledge of all things golf, constantly talks about golf and proselytizes; (see Jesus freak, golf blogger)
3: A combination of 1 and 2 (see photo insert)

Mediaeagle, the golf freak
photo courtesy www.eatgolf.com

Trunk slammer (trngk slmr), n.

1: A person who slams the trunk of a car
2: An occasional golfer not overly concerned with rules, etiquette, or his or her equipment (they park their cars, grab their gear, slam their trunks and off they go)

Club member (klb mmbr), n.

1: A member of a club
2: A golfer belonging to a private country club
3: slang A golfer of limited ability belonging to a private country club who looks down on non-members and trunk slammers (see pompous, snob, Judge Smails) and expects to get the "members bounce" even when playing an alternate course

Thanks for the question, Mike. I hope this helps.

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golfchickwannabe said...

Hi Golfchick. I thought a trunk-slammer was someone who golfed Thursday and Friday in a tournament but didn't make the cut. So they left Friday night after loading up the clubs and shoes and slamming the trunk. Anyone else think that?


Golfchick said...

Hey, that makes sense too!

fransgolf said...

A trunk slammer is someone who plays on a semi private or private course and is not a member. They generally are getting on the course by staying at a resort in the area. they arrive at the cours in groups (4 to a car) to play early in the morning 6-8 AM(members prefer to play at a more civilized time 8-10 AM) get the clubs out of the trunk and slam it shut waking up all the member for their later tee times.

Golfchick said...

Are the members sleeping in the parking lot because they spent all their housing money on their memberships?

Sounds like the trunk slammers have the right idea getting out ahead of the members so they can have a speedier round.

Cal said...

Isn't a trunk slammer a door to door sales person - they keep their stock in the trunk of the car, and so keep slamming it when they get the stuff out.

As a sales person, they have lots of free time so hit the course often.

I have been known to be wrong...

Medicus Man said...

I'm going w/ golfchickwannabe on the "trunk-slammer" fransgolf sounds pretty confident, but even it is right, I like the other one better ;)

Duke said...
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Duke said...

Here is a blog I wrote on the other terms golfers use.


mediaguru said...

Yup you nailed me...