Sunday, July 30, 2006

I have a new "happy place"

I recently had the amazingly good fortune to visit a brand new golf course. It's my new favorite place and where I can go in my mind when I need to "go to my happy place." There is definitely more to come, but I will let it be a mystery for now unless someone knows or can guess where this is.

From the red tees, I made par here. Then from the blues (perspective shown here), I par'd once and bogey'd once. Click on the photo for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

Kristin. I enjoyed your blog. As a golf freak, I would like to ask you what your opinion is on non-conforming golf equipment. I'm hooked in with a group that is thinking about pushing an ecommerce site selling USGA banned equipment as a fun way for the high-handicap, weekend golfer to enjoy the game. Could you give me your informal feedback as a post on your blog? Thanks! L. Hoyt

John B. said...

Pebble Beach/

Golfchick said...

Good guess, John B. However, I haven't had that particular pleasure yet. (Waiting for my invite, Mr. Pebble!)

GolfNomad said...


Golfchick said...

Sorry, Golfnomad.
Good try. Here's a hint: wrong body of water.