Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I screwed up my back

Crap - what now?

It's immensely painful to just sit in this chair and type. I will make this very short.

Our club championship is determined based on a match play bracket. I have won two matches and the two players who win the next matches play each other for the flight championships. Then the flight champions play against each other for the club championship. I am the reigning club champ. The next match is this Saturday. If I can't play, I forfeit. That sucks.

What makes it even more interesting is that if I win my next match and Greg also wins his, we go up against each other for the flight championship. I really need to be able to play this one to try to get there.

If anyone has any ideas for a winning self medication prescription, I'm listening.

Please, help...


Next post.

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mediaguru said...

Sleep on the floor, as hard a surface as you can. I did it for 7 months (for my back and other reasons hehe).

Sorry to hear about this. Nobody knows more about back problems than me. Mine are due to scoliosis, a birth defect.