Friday, August 11, 2006

Against my better judgment, but I gotta try something

I have always been leery of chiropractors. It's not that I don't believe in alternative or therapeutic care. I just get this paranoid feeling like while they're working on you they're going to do something to make sure that you have to keep coming back. I'm sure they're not all like that, but how does one go about finding a good one?

Mom pleaded with me to go see one and told me her doctor fixed her right up when she had a similar back injury; that she felt immediately better. With my upcoming tournament and a desperate feeling (and to appease my loving mother), I found one just blocks from my home and I went. He performed electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound and gave me what they call an "adjustment." After the endorphin rush of that last treatment, I did feel markedly better, but it didn't last. I was back to the pain and not being able to get comfortable in any position soon enough. However, unlike the night before, I was able to sleep through it.

This morning I'm feeling well enough to at least sit here and type, so that's progress. I'm sitting up straighter than ever before, so maybe something good will come of this whole mess. I'm going back for another treatment this afternoon and again tomorrow morning before I attempt to play golf. He urged me not to play but said he would do all he could to make me feel well enough to try if I insisted.

Meanwhile, I'm amazed at all the little things I took for granted before the pain. Wiping my ass, for example. Or physically helping my 11 year old Great Dane up the stairs. We must look like a couple of old grannies out on our walks. Standing and walking are the least uncomfortable things I can do, but I know I must look like there's something lodged up my aforementioned ass as I cautiously take my steps.

If I can swing a club and end up playing tomorrow, I think I'll invite someone in my foursome (not my competitor) in on my secret. Maybe have him slyly retrieve my golf ball from the cup after I sink it. Surprisingly, squatting doesn't hurt that much, but I've tried the move with the reach for the ball and it will look awkward at best. I don't want my competition to know that I'm struggling. With a secret helper, I might be able to pull it off. That is, if I can even swing.

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Jennifer Mario said...

Hi Chick,
Sorry to hear about your back. That truly sucks. I had back problems a while back, and like you, I hesitated to see a chiropractor. I finally went as a last resort, because my regular doctor said there wasn't anything she could do except prescribe Tylenol and ice packs.

The first visit didn't do anything. But by the third visit, I was in much less pain, and by the fifth, it was gone for good.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, maybe not. Give it a few more visits and see what happens.

Good luck.

Greg said...

Hey GC,

Sorry to read of your pain. I've had good results from seeing a chiropractor, and I have a friend who goes regularly.

I've had my share of injury/illness and my ecommendation is to be very careful returning to golf. With a back injury, you need to weigh heavily the risk of making it worse by playing.

I would do everything I could to rest and recover before playing in the tournament. I would not even swing a club unless I felt well.

Get well soon,

mediaguru said...

Have you come to a conclusion what the exact problem is? Is it muscle spasm or some other kind of tweak? Is it upper, lower etc?

I have exreme muscles spasms when my back goes out. If feels like someone is jamming an ice pick in my spine. It tightens up so incredibly bad that yes, wiping my own ass is an exercise in futility. Can't put my own socks on or push down on the gas pedal in the car.

Quackropractors couldn't help me. In fact, they made my back worse, and wanted me to come back every day. Massage didn't help nor did accupuncture. I been close to trying out a witch doctor.

My back takes one week to get better. The muscles spasm, tight as a drum. They finally give out from total fatigue and when they stop spasming it's like the biggest orgasm you ever had. It's the biggest relief.

I feel your pain and hope you figure it out. I took some nerve blocker type pills last time and they seemed to have a miracle result. I think they were called gabbepentin or something like that. I haven't thrown the back out since so I can't try them again. (knocking on wood).

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have been fortunate to not have back trouble - good luck with your back.

Some folks have good luck with those electrode devices that give your system a small bit of voltage as a way to relieve pain.

I took up golf a few years ago, wish I had started as a kid.

I found your blog thru

Get well soon and good luck.