Sunday, March 05, 2006

Inspiring another generation of golfers?

I already wrote about one of my coolest golf experiences, when a little girl watched me at the range. Since she was there with golfers, I can only think she would have tried her hand at the game anyway, but maybe I helped a little with the inspiration.

However, that is not the generation I'm writing about today. In the latest turn of events, I found out that my mom and aunt are now all fired up and want to get into golf! How cool is that? They're best friends and live about a block away from each other. My mom played some in the past, but that was "a lifetime ago." Things were different then, too. They had caddies and didn't have to worry about a thing. Just hit the ball (the caddie will find it) and take a walk, chatting all the way. Oh, the life.

They are taking lessons together and eventually want to start playing, starting with 9-holes and working their way up to 18, I guess. I really don't think it would have crossed her mind to do it except for all the fun I've been having since I started golfing. She likes to walk for exercise anyway, and we all know this will make some of those walks more interesting.

She wants to play with me some day, and I can't wait! I think it'll be fantastic. I also hope my dad will get back out there more (he plays occasionally) and they can have a nice way to spend a few hours together. Greg and I really enjoy it.

Go, Mom! I look forward to playing with you.

For more on how cool my mom is, check out this post. My aunt is pretty terrific, too. (Hi Meme!)

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NothingMan said...

I can totally relate. My mom started playing golf AND partying when she hit 50. She's gotten a lot better in the last year or so, and she just loves it.

I'm kinda peeved because I think my MOM plays more than I do :-( She plays the easiest of easy courses, but I'll tell you what, there's not a lot I'd rather do than play golf with my mom on any course, any time.

Good post, gives me a few ideas myself ;-)

Greg said...

Well GC, if the apple don't fall far from the tree, I expect we'll be reading the bolg of one "Golfmom" :^)

My Mom wanted me to teach her to play tennis. She's 70!!! I told her to think about taking up golf. She thought it was a good idea and we went to the range where she quickly found a smooth swing and was making solid contact sending balls out onto the range with a 7i.

Good times for sure.


HumanGolf.com said...

Wish I could get my mom to do the same, for her sake health-wise. Not interested, but I bet if I could get one of her pals interested in trying it too with her - which I think is key - it'd be a different story. No luck. :-)