Thursday, January 12, 2006

My new inspiration!

I got it! I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world. The only gift I wanted and asked for was an item that didn't exist and I got it anyway! How awesome is my mom?

In an earlier post, I made a plea for a unique clubhead cover. My mom would probably call that another kind of guilty plea - when she gave it to me and I was shocked and surprised, she said "how could I not after that blog post?" I posted a picture of a fawn colored Great Dane by Daphne's Headcovers. My thinking was that if my mom didn't crochet me a replacement for her earlier attempt, I might check with Daphne's to see if they made custom covers. Turns out my mom had the same idea, but she found out that they do not make custom orders. But she's no dummy and she didn't stop there. She went ahead and ordered the light colored one and customized it herself. We finally got together on Saturday to celebrate the holidays and all the birthdays (we're all in December and January) and I got this for my birthday. Check it out!

One of a kind. See this on the course and you know Golfchick is near.

How perfect is that? It makes me so happy! It's huge, so even though my five wood has already been dubbed my "goose" and will probably continue to be called that on the fairway when the situation calls for it, this cover goes on my driver. Normally, I take my cover off my driver on the first tee and leave it off for the entire round. Not anymore! That old Taylor Made cover wasn't as easy to slip on and off as this goose cover.

I already played with her on my bag and it just tickled me every time I took it off and put it back on. Even after hitting a "less-than-great" drive, I'd return to my bag irritated and it all just washed away when I saw the goose there waiting. I just smiled and moved on. She may not have helped my score, but she certainly didn't hurt it. I shot an 89 at Mountain View, which isn't great, but for a Sunday-bloody mary-Sunday round, it's not bad at all.

Just look at the resemblance. I'm so glad the goose will have a physical presence on the course with me now. Greg thinks we should put a white visor on her and the words "The Goose" in white across the back of her neck. I think I like her just the way she is. Maybe we can do that when they're mass produced for sale. :)

On Saturday, I'll find out what kind of an effect she has during competition. We have our first tournament with the Treehouse. As club champ, I'm prepared for everyone to be after my hide. Last year, people didn't mind seeing me win so much and I might have even had some rooters, especially in A-flight where they didn't have to compete with me until the end. This year I expect they'll be gunning for me, especially considering that I have moved up to A-flight with them. Another woman joined the club this year, too. I wonder if she'll be playing from the whites or reds. Last season they had me play from the red tees during fun stroke-play tournaments but from the whites for the match play eliminations for club championship. This year, the board gave me my choice of which tees to play for the entire season and I chose to play from where everyone else plays (whites). With the goose on my driver, how can I go wrong?

Thanks again, mom! You're the best!

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eddie said...

the goose cover looks fantastic.
mom did a wonderful job.
good luck sat.

Golfchick said...

Thanks, Eddie.
Looks like we'll be playing in the rain tomorrow.

Eddie said...

sorry bout that.
i hate to play in the rain.
especially if its cold.
take extra gloves an kept those grips dry.

dave said...

Now that is a cover! I think everyone will agree that it is most unique.

Eddie said...

so dont keep us waiting.
what happened in the tournament?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't realize anyone was waiting. :)
The tourney was rained out but we played anyway. I'll post about it when I get home from this trip. Thanks for tuning in!