Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here's to the original gray Goose

My goose (Kess) is in the hospital recovering from back surgery that she had on Monday.

Look at those sad, gooey eyes. This was on Tuesday. I'll spare you the close-up
of the incision. At least she has her "recovery cow" there with her.

I've been allowed to visit her yesterday and today and her surgeon is hopeful that she'll be able to come home soon (maybe Friday). Since she's a goose and she's gone gray...

This was today. Her eyes are clear and bright but she still wasn't up and moving.
Poor goose. With her is her oldest surviving toy, "Snort."

I thought it only fitting that I come home straight away and toast to her recovery with a proper Grey Goose martini (extra dry, of course), complete with my own hand-stuffed bleu cheese olives. My favorite libation! I wonder why?

My goose was gray before grey goose became popular as a vodka.
Notice the olives stuffed with care. Also, grey goose is French
and Kess speaks French (okay, she only knows the words
"oeuf" and "beuf" - big surprise). The coincidences keep on coming!

To end this on a golf-ish note since this is a golf blog (flog), I'll be going straight to the hospital for visiting hours from the golf course after my round tomorrow. It'll be difficult to concentrate and the first time I've played in two weeks. I took two weeks off so I could be home for her during this procedure and the recovery and I can't just sit around worrying anymore. Kess is my first priority over everything else, but golf does go on.

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wiese said...

blue cheese bad

Golfchick said...

and another timeless quote from caveman wiese