Sunday, December 11, 2005


If web logs are called "blogs" for short, web golf logs should be called "flogs." It's all making sense now. When I first started this site, I called it a glog for golf log. Flogging is much more appropriate. If you don't already get my drift, here's how Webster's defines flogging:

flog Audio pronunciation of "flog" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (flg, flôg)
tr.v. flogged, flog·ging, flogs

  1. To beat severely with a whip or rod.
  2. Informal. To publicize aggressively: flogging a new book.
It seems like more and more "blogs" are popping up that fall under definition #2's category, however loosely. However, there are still the old fashioned types who prefer the self-inflicted punishment experienced either on the course or by writing a public diary for others to share in the glory or misery. And let's not forget the comment posters who flog the flogger. Oh, and the comments to the comment posters, esentially flogging the flogger of the original flog's flogger. I'm exhausting myself. Please forgive me. I just tied my boyfriend for the first time in an 18 hole round at Moorpark CC and celebrated with a couple margaritas at Chuy's.

Don't drink and flog.

Next post.


Tom G said...

There is a group of us that blog about the Phillies and we call ourselves phloggers...We do drink and phlog however...

William K. Wolfrum said...

Hey Golf Chick,

Long-time listener, first-time flogger.

You don't get near enough flogging responses. Which is sad. Because you, my dear, are quite floggable.

But seriosuly, it's an excellent blog you've created here.



Golfchick said...

Hi phellow phlogger. Careful with that drinking and flogging. It can be dangerous!

Thanks for the feel-good flog and the compliment. I enjoy yours as well. Maybe there's a familiarity factor at play when I see that WKW (dub-kay-dub) since I'm a kay-dub myself.


TartanGolfGripsDotCom said...

Sorry about reading through all of the postings - your site is a great read!!!

While we're talking "flogging" and now that you're a "real" golfer (and I'm only up to what, March-ish?) you need to know about two important golf resources:

www.geoffshackelford.com and more specifically http://geoffshackelford.com/display/ShowJournal?moduleId=230137&categoryId=19863 for the "flogging" reference, and I also stumbled across http://www.golfchix.com, who are ALSO SoCal golfer girls, but one of 'em is AMY ALCOTT!!!