Monday, June 18, 2007

Golfchick sighting on Shakesville

Admittedly, I don't read too many non-golf blogs. It's a time issue, mostly. One I do like to read is Shakesville. While its success and readership dwarfs that of this humble blog, I only discovered it recently, thanks to the addition of contributor William K. Wolfrum, the strapping golf blogger I also read over at Worldgolf and on his own site.

Wolfrum recently posted a brief Q&A on Shakesville featuring yours truly. In it, I talk about how I started golfing, blogging and attempt to make my own little contribution toward promoting women's golf. The Golfchick on Shakesville. I'm honored.


L. Tignac said...

Great interview! IS the EWGA just for experienced players or will they let a beginner join? I might be interested.


Golfchick said...

All levels of players are welcome!

Patricia said...

Great interview Kristin...and congrats on your second year of blogging.

In response to tignac's comment, yes, the EWGA really encourages beginners to join...and get right out on the course. They're there to mentor you into the game. It sure worked for me.

Oh, and I never knew that strapping Wolfrum guy had his own site. I'll be checking it out regularly from now on. Alfonzo is aDORable!!!

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You're just so funny. I've missed your blogs.

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