Thursday, June 14, 2007

Apparently there's some big golf tournament going on

Sports writers and golf bloggers are covering the U.S. Open and Oakmont Country Club with the same fervor of CNN covering Paris Hilton. No detail left unreported.

Of course the difference is sports writers and golf bloggers are supposed to write about golf. It's right there in their titles. The Cable News Network is supposed to cover the news. Even if they could somehow win an argument that Paris Hilton is news, that doesn't excuse them from failing to report on all the real news going on while they spend 24 hours on Shawskank Redemption (thanks, Jon Stewart).

But since this isn't the Shmaily Shmow, I'll get back to golf.

There is so much being said about this tournament and the golf course that I really don't feel I have much to add. Just like I do, you can get all the latest from the fine bloggers in my links list as well as the journalists on the commercial sites. I'll just watch and root on my favorites like the fan I am. And I'll be checking in with Brandon Tucker for live bloggerage from the event. Congrats to Worldgolf for getting media credentials for their bloggers at recent events!

Speaking of Worldgolf, they're conducting a survey and if you complete it, you're entered into a drawing to win a set of Ping clubs and bag.

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