Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Latest submission up at worldgolf

My latest column is up at worldgolf.com. Well, most of it is.

In light of my recent circumstances and the strong feelings I have about my personalized golf gear, I thought it would be nice to do a column on the personal nature of such items and the impact they can have on a person's golf game.

I wanted to bolster the article with some thoughts from someone in the business. Since Scott at Tartan Golf Grips provides such comfort items (including my putter grip) and knows a little bit about what they can mean to a golfer, I included a quote from him in my original submission. Worldgolf removed that portion of the article, probably because it was essentially free advertising and they make their living on selling advertising. Can't blame them, plus I tend to come in over the desired word count anyway. They were also nice enough to retrieve the photo of my gear from my site (I didn't submit it with the article) and include it in the story, so I give 'em props for that. However, the cut paragraph lended itself to summarizing my thoughts on the topic and segued nicely into my closing sentence.

So if you read it, please mentally insert this blurb in the article right before the closing line:

Scott Tesar, owner of TartanGolfGrips.com, finds it rewarding to provide such a distinctive product that enhances people's enjoyment of the game on such a personal level. Speaking about his Artan(TM) grip designs and feedback he has received from customers, he says "Many people derive a sense of identity, pride and comfort from their family heritage and history... It's just basic human nature to enjoy seeing your name and when it's incorporated into a piece of golf equipment that you use on every hole, and it looks attractive, it creates positive energy and differentiation that contributes to a feeling of confidence on the course."

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