Saturday, March 31, 2007

New putter grip

I mentioned in my last post the grip I received from Scott at Time Fore Tee (also www.tartangolfgrips.com). I just installed it on my putter and it looks great! I'm psyched to use it in my round tomorrow. The thrill I got in slicing off that heinous red Cameron grip with the stupid lettering and crown design was a bonus. I couldn't stand that grip and now I have the perfect grip to replace it!

Now I have The Goose represented on my big stick AND my little stick.

Scott does a great job designing these gorgeous grips and I'm honored that he designed this one just for us in Kess' memory. It is one of the nicest, most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and I can't thank him enough. He also writes an interesting and detailed golf blog, so check him out at the links above!

Bring on the one-putts, Kessy!

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John Drennen said...

It looks great I am impressed with the detail.

Scott said...

Hi Kristen -

It was MY honor and privilege to honor the love and devotion that you have for Kess...

Your video tribute to her at YouTube had me blubbering...that was beautiful...

To her memory - what a gift and what a special dog!