Friday, January 05, 2007

Paula Creamer isogood and calendar

There is a golf photoblog called "onedayoneshot" and that's exactly what it is. Every day the owner and artist, Patrick Micheletti posts a new golf photograph and each image is truly amazing. For a long time I had it on my links list under "other golf sites" and consequently forgot to check it regularly. I moved it to my "favorite golf blogs" category so that I might better remember to get my daily fix. Either way it's no loss because I can always scroll back through the days if I've missed any.

A couple days ago, Patrick posted this beauty of Paula Creamer. You really have to look at the photos on his site, though. It is set up to display them in all their stunning glory .

I'm no fashionista but I know what I like and what I don't. Paula will occasionally make a misstep in my opinion but this is not one of them. I do like pink in the right combinations and I especially like it with brown. In fact, I wore my own brown and pink set of duds just yesterday. Sure, she still completely over-accessorizes but she's a young little chippie so somehow it works for her. This is a fine getup. And let's not overlook her concentration! I'd like to think I wouldn't be looking at the ball yet, either.

But the real approbation goes to Patrick for his photos, not Paula for her outfits. I am simply in awe of his work.

In the same Paula post, he provided a link to a site with Paula Creamer's calendar. Personally, I like Patrick's photos better. Maybe she should hire him for her 2008 offering. Now don't go thinking her calendar is one of those salacious or semi-naked PR machinations. Paula's got more class than that. Or at least more modesty.

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Patricia said...

I agree, Patrick's photographs are truly extraordinary. He captures much, much more then the actual image. He gets the whole personality in there. I particularly like the one of a stylish Christina Kim talking on a bejeweled cell phone. It's perfect.

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot for all these gentle comments, really appreciate !
Hope get some goods in 2007 too...

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all the best

Patrick said...

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