Saturday, January 06, 2007

Non-golf Goose post

This isn't golf related but if anyone's interested in seeing more of the infamous Goose, you can see a cute video of her opening some of her Christmas presents here.

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Scott said...

Gotta love that high-fiber diet!

I was rolling at her disdainful head-tosses about 2:30 in...also loved the jingle-collar!

Triniti (our female Cocker Spaniel) did the same thing on Christmas morning, helping Cheri open HER Christmas presents with the same dedication and intensity.

Tailer just hung out and snoozed...like usual...he's too cool for that frivolity, or just too lazy!!!

Glad to see Kess doing well, and frisky! Hope she's still doing great!

Off to battle the wind at Sunset Hills, and tune up for SHERWOOD tomorrow!

Patricia said...

She's sooo cute! I can't believe how well she opens prezies. The heart charm is magnificent.

BTW, what breed is goose?

Golfchick said...

Scott -

She usually gets a lot more toys but she's not that into them anymore. She still gets more presents than anyone else, though. Christmas is all about the kids! I wish I would have filmed it every year so I could make a video montage. At least I got it on tape this time!

Have fun at Sherwood. I'm so jealous! I'll be in meetings most of the day.

Patricia -

She's a Great Dane and she's always had a knack for opening gifts. Plus, she's had a lot of years of getting into the trash to practice her shredding techniques.

I thought that heart charm went perfectly with her patent red Coach collar!


Jeremy said...

She is gorgeous.
Reminds me of my dog and what she did to my headcover once... hehe.
Found your blog through The Golf Space, just thought I would drop by.

Take care,