Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eat Golf Tools: golf course finder and product comparison

Occasionally I'll get questions from readers asking for recommendations on golf courses or golf products. If I don't have intimate experience with the areas, courses or product types, I usually refer these people to the awesome tools over at www.eatgolf.com.

Eat's creator, Rich, developed some really cool gizmos for just these types of inquiries. I like to use them myself. Rich is the geekiest stud in the online golf world. And I'm proud to say he's also a personal friend of mine.

So, I have added both of these tools to my site in the sidebar.

Golf Course search

Search for a golf course in the United States by entering a zip code.
(Sorry, Hawaii's not in there yet)

Golf Product Shopper

Search for a golf product by entering keywords. Be as general or specific as you want.

I challenge you to try 'em out and NOT think they're terrific!

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1 comment:

John Drennen said...

Well I will try them out when i travel and want to play golf. Thanks Kristen