Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Birdie Girl: more fabulous than a blogger

"We may not be able to correct your slice and we sure can't shorten that dreaded par 5. But what we will do, is make you the most talked about golfer this side of St. Andrews."

When I started this blog, I was looking for a more interesting name than "The Golfchick" and really just started using that as a placeholder until I came up with something better. It took me too long and golfchick just stuck. Even if I had considered the name Birdie Girl, I probably would have shied away from it anyway. I mean, I doubt I could be that presumptuous since I'm happy when I get any birdies in a given round and hardly qualify as a "birdie girl."

However, I think it's a great name for this line of bags, umbrellas, headcovers and accessories designed for women by women "who define themselves by how they look - on the scorecard or in the clubhouse." Birdie Girl had sellouts in their first set of offerings and have announced that they're doubling their line for this season.

Oooh, I think that orange bag has my name all over it.

Founder of Birdie Girl, Rosemary Brdar, says she "founded this line with a single, stubborn mission: to create a line where women were the focus, not the second thought." Hear here, girlfriend.

Birdie Girl already has a few supporters on the Duramed Futures Tour - Tina Miller, Jessica Shepley and Connie Isler. Not surprising these women would carry such cool bags with their respective degrees in graphic design/marketing, journalism, and finance/international business.

Compared to some other female targeted product lines, these items are acutally reasonably priced, too! Check out their pink set benefiting the Rethink Breast Cancer program for only $149.

So if you can't make it to the 2007 PGA Merchandise show, check out the golfanista smorgasbord over at www.birdiegirl.ca. Maybe you'll be the next "most talked about golfer this side of St. Andrews." (Wow, really?)

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Scott said...

COOL looking gear!

I like the nice play on the owner/founder's name, too!

Clever all the way around!!!

Golfchick said...

Yeah, she went out and got herself a vowel or two! :)

Patricia said...

No birdies here, but those bags are sweet! I'm leaning towards the lime green that Tina Miller carries.

Golfchick said...

I know, aren't they great - and such a bargain! I also like the pink camo one.

John Drennen said...

I can not believe there are not more companies targeting women's golf items.