Friday, October 13, 2006

New additions to the lineup

Sometimes you find the greatest things in the comments.

More Golfchix

A reader recently posted a comment turning me onto some more online golf chicks. GolfchiX, actually. It's a radio show you can listen to online or on Sirius or wherever it has been picked up. It features three great golf chicks: Susan Hunt, "a seasoned network cable correspondent and producer;" Linda Giaciolli, "the mother of all sports agents;" and Amy Alcott (do I really need to introduce this LPGA hall of famer?).

It's an hour long show by the "founding mothers of golf talk radio." Check it out at www.golfchix.com. I have added them to my links list. Also newly added is someone I should have added a long time ago, and someone they interviewed on a recent Golfchix show: Geoff Shackelford. I don't know what took me so long.

The reader who directed me to the Golfchix has an interesting product and I've linked him in the product category: Tartan Golf Grips.

And still another golf chick

We have a new female golf blogger in our midst. This was another discovery from the comments section - Patricia (thegolfgirl) is the new hip chick on the golf blogosphere scene. (I guess golfchick was taken.) It's great to see another woman blogging about golf and she brings a fresh perspective with her golf diary. Her style and her game seem decidedly more girlie than my own, plus she includes photos of herself which the guys will definitely appreciate. Check her out. Welcome, golfgirl!

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