Friday, October 13, 2006

Funny search phrases

Keyword activity is always a fun stat to check. How are people finding my site? Sure, they're mostly golf term searches, but not always! There have been some good ones. I wish I could remember some of the better ones from longer ago, but some recent entries prompted me to share some of my favorites here:

Stupid cats brain
Colorado corn bread
Heather McMichael leaving (Heather, are you going somewhere?)
Goose abuse
I need my space t-shirt
How to spent twenty dollars (careful, misspell something in your search and you could wind up here)
Stupid birds

Hmm... I'm starting to detect a stupid pattern.

Next post.


William K. Wolfrum said...

I forgive you for blatantly stealing this idea from me.

Now, what's this about Heather leaving?


Golfchick said...

Thank you for your forgiveness. You caught me. I tried to hold out for an entire year before ripping you off but I just couldn't wait another 9 days.

I bet I'm guilty of a lot of subconscious plagiarism. Mind like a steel vacuum.

As for Heather's plans, you mean you haven't heard?