Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's finally time for the Ryder Cup!

Finally, the golf event with the most build up is upon us!

In my opinion, this event is worthy of all the recognition it receives. Yes, even more than the Masters. It's about the best golfers in the world competing for honor, not money. Not that there's anything wrong with money, but golf is a game of honor, with rules largely enforced by its own players. I can't think of another sporting event that compares. Sure, you have the olympics (where the athletes used to be amateurs) but those sports are either judged or ruled over by officials at every play.

Now that I'm a golfer, I'm a golf fan. Now that I'm a golf fan, I have chosen my favorite golf event. It is the Ryder Cup. Others have their advantages and I like them for different reasons, but I hereby make my choice official.

There is SO much television coverage with this one! Still, the only day that conflicts with my Angel's attempt to rally against the A's in their pursuit of the playoffs is Saturday. I'm sure my TiVo(s) and I will figure something out!

Hey, Team U.S.A. I think the European team is trying to tell you something with this photo. It'll be like taking candy from a baby! Go get that trophy!
(photo: Getty images from www.rydercup.com)


Uglycelt said...

Lol your lot aren't so hot after all !!
Nice blog tho

Pipmick said...

I for one am delighted at the Europeans setting a new record of 3 straight wins on the bounce for the Ryder Cup.

This year's event didn't excite me as much as previous Ryder Cups as it was never really close or in doubt in my opinion, but it was good to see some great golf by the European players, especially Casey's hole in one!


George Frost on Golf Tours said...

Great pic! the Europeans earned their win by putting it in thecup.