Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Place Revealed

A few weeks ago, I posted a teaser about my new "happy place." Since then, I've had cause to visit it in my head many times.

Update: 10/04/06 - I have posted a short video of the back nine here.

I have been reluctant to post about it here because I'd love to get a story about it sold to an actual printed golf publication, and I know how they are about exclusivity rights. But I realize I've been leaving you hanging for too long now and besides, I'm not going to write here what I'd sell to them anyway.

¿Cómo se dice "distracting"?

A few weeks ago, I was very fortunate to have been invited to be among the first to play the brand new Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, Punta Espada. It is on the very eastern tip of the Dominican Republic in a development called Cap Cana. It is the first of three planned Jack Nicklaus courses that will be built there.

When I went, only the back nine were open but I got a "backstage tour" from the pro there, Mark Clouse. He played the back nine with me a couple times and took me on a tour of the front nine and the clubhouse inner workings during its construction. It was an experience I will never forget.

I got soaked on this hole while standing over by the side of the green waiting for my playing partner, Mike (the time I played without Mark) to hit up from just off the green. Another foot and he'd have been in the water. A wave came up and soaked me, Mike and our caddie, Armando. It felt great!

Hands down, this is the nicest course I've ever played and possibly ever will play. Many of the holes on the back nine are played right on or over the Caribbean Sea and the rest of them have amazing views of it. Not just a sliver viewed from atop the very back tees.

Happy opening!

Yesterday, the front nine opened. I'm dying to go back and play the rest of the course. The front nine has some holes I'd love to get my clubs on with equally as stunning views and strategies required as the back nine. The grand opening with Jack Nicklaus is scheduled for November 7.

Word of caution: if you want to play this golf course (and anyone reading this site should), do it soon. When they open the next golf course (end of 2007), Punta Espada will be entirely private. And no, you can't just go buy a membership there. You must purchase some of the amazing property there to even be eligible for a membership and they only have about 100 memberships left to sell. They are going to keep the membership number LOW.

For more information, see their website at www.capcana.com.

If you're from a golf publication and would like a story on this golf course (and I have many, many more photographs), contact me at thegolfchick@gmail.com.

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Greg said...


I think "very fortunate" is a bit of an understatement! Way to go!!!

Sorry you couldn't pull out the club championship. I know you made a tough choice there to play with an injury.


Gail Flannigan said...

Hi we represent the Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf & Spa and would love to have you share your experience at the Punta Espada club on our new blog! We are excited to see it's one of your favorites and know that it will be a favorite to SO many others as well!!