Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rattlesnake season - be alert!

If you live in a climate where rattlesnakes thrive, 'tis the season, so be on the lookout!

Last week I played at Tierra Rejada. There are "caution: rattlesnake" signs posted around the course in certain areas, but I guess I had become complacent over the winter.

I had been paired up with a couple of big hitters from a local college team and their coach, but they left after nine holes so I was a single sandwiched between two foursomes. The course was pretty crowded, so there was no space to play through. It was a gorgeous day, the first one in a long time, so I tried not to let the waiting get to me. I admired the course, the vegitation, the rabbits and squirrels playing. Then I thought I'd go easter egg hunting while I waited. I had lost a few balls and thought I could replace them with a couple quick hunts.

I took two steps into the long grass and thought to myself "this is probably a bad idea - at least go back and grab a club to whack around in here." Just as I took one step to the edge, a three-foot rattlesnake slithered right by my foot! No rattling, so he probably wasn't a threat, but I admit I squealed and jumped. Sure, in hindsight that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. It was lucky the snake didn't seem to mind. And I'm glad there was no one nearby to witness it.

The guys I played with on the front nine spotted a baby one just off the cart path by one of the tees. They're out there, so be careful!

I decided I didn't really want to find anymore golf balls that day.

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mediaguru said...

It's poison ivy season too unfortunately...

Will said...

Just a warning about rattlers. They will strike regardless of whether they decide to rattle, so you were lucky. And, the baby ones are more dangerous than the biggies, since they deliver more venom.

Now that it's warming up around here, those critters are coming out and looking for food. I saw a big ole 5 footer up at Will Rogers the other day, just gross.

Golfchick said...

Oh no, Media... I hope you didn't get caught up in the poison ivy! We have poison oak out here, and I think it's year round. I try to watch out for it all year.

Will, good information - thanks! I hope you didn't get too close to the snake. 5 feet - that's BIG!