Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The dullest round EVER

Today I played at Simi Hills. I walked on and got paired up with THE DULLEST golfer ever. It's amazing what a difference that can make in a round. He might have said eight words to me the whole round, and never once even cracked a smile. Oowee, Tiara... I hope he's near the top of the list for the personality transplant, because his has coded and is completely non-functional.

As for my round, it was dismal. I had to go spout off my mouth in a recent post about my consistency in hitting fairways with my driver. I hit a whopping 3 out of 13. A couple were in better position because I cut corners, but still. And as for greens... I don't know why I carry a ball-mark repair tool. I didn't hit a single green in regulation today. Maybe I just like being a janitor and cleaning up everyone else's marks.

On the positive side, it was a beautiful day for an 18-hole walk. And for those of you who know the course, they are repairing that ravine on 11 that got damaged in the rains. Meanwhile, it's temporarily a par-3 with a green in the middle of the fairway.

Oh, and there were literally THOUSANDS of tadpoles in the lake on 14. That place is going to be swarming with frogs soon. Ribbit! Also, I must have seen at least 50 bunnies. Most of them were in pairs, so that number's getting bigger as I type!

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Anonymous said...

Hi I like your blog, I live in Simi Valley too but this is my first time commenting.

I have a similar story, I walked on Simi Hills yesterday and was immediatly paired up with some female. She thought she was all hot sh*t and wanted to play from the man's tees - braggin about some long drive trophy she recently won at Sunset - pfft turns out she only hit like 3 fairways and ZERO GIR. Hard to watch that - I couldn't even look at her, let alone speak or even crack a polite smile... She even had the gall to keep fixing my ball marks before I could get to them. Then she kept telling me to watch out for snakes - WTF is that some kind of a threat? Or a pick-up line - not sure? Anyway she was very pretty so she's got that goin for her.

GolfNomad said...


Golfchick said...

Definitely a pick-up line... seems I need to work on those skills along with my golf.

Cal said...

Funnily enough my first thought was that you were going to be taking the mickey out of Eat...

mediaguru said...

Eat is on a roll lately. That sounds odd doesn't it?