Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where is the Jam-Boy?

Where, oh where has our Jam-boy gone? Who's on the bag?

One of my favorite golf bloggers, The Reluctant Jam-Boy, hasn't made an entry since January 7! Incidentally, that was two days before I added his link to this site and talked about how much I liked his blog. Was it something I said?

I miss you, Jam-boy. Please come back. You must have a backlog of funny stories to tell.

Next post.


Anonymous said...

You and me both. BTW I really enjoy your blog. You're the one who sent me to Jamboy's Blog and I thank you for that.

Golfchick said...

Thanks for reading, anonymous. Glad you like it.

Maybe there is some kind of raindance we can do to summon Jamboy back. Like a "power loop" dance or something...


Jam Boy said...

I'm honored golfchick. Believe me, it really hurt not to be able to post all that time. But I'm coming back, slow but sure. Hope all is well.