Thursday, January 19, 2006

The rain out that shouldn't have been

We were supposed to have our first tournament of the 2006 season with the Treehouse Golf Club this past Saturday. The weather had been sunny and beautiful, sunny and beautiful, sunny and beautiful, sunny and beautiful and for Saturday, they predicted heavy rains and flash flood warnings were issued. The weather forecast for Sunday and beyond was sunny and beautiful, sunny and beautiful, sunny and beautiful and... you get the picture.

We were all prepared with our rain gear and ready to get out there. I even bought a brandy new Sun Mountain double tiered umbrella. I wore some older Greenjoy shoes so as not to sully my spiffy new Adidas or Callaways and packed an extra set of dry clothes and plenty of towels and gloves. I was ready to play (and win!).

When we got there, we were told the tournament was officially rained out but we were welcome to keep our teetimes and pay for the round. Our fees for the tournament would be carried over to next month's tournament or the rescheduled rain-out. Naturally, we went out and played anyway. While we were preparing for the first tee and all through the first hole, it was pouring rain and starting out sloppy. After we all holed out, one member of our foursome called it quits (wuss) and three of us carried on. On hole 2, it stopped raining. By the fourth hole, the sun came out and the jackets came off. It poured again for about one minute just as we finished the 9th hole and we missed it completely at the turn. Then the rain was completely gone and the course dried out. There wasn't any wind, which is unusual at this course. It's unusual in this town in general, come to that. Anyway, it was a fine round and I shot a 94. My handicap calculator says my target for this course was 96, so I played to two under my index of 16 with a 14 differential.

The goose didn't make the round with me. What with the predicted (and actual) rain, I didn't want to risk damaging her on only her second time out. Plus, she's so enormous, I thought she might get caught up in my snazzy snap-shut rain hood. So I still don't know how she will impact my play and focus during competition. I guess I'll find out next month at Elkins Ranch.

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Anonymous said...

Where do you play usually?

Eddie said...

Smart move keeping the goose an the new shoes at home.
So is the tournament reschedule?
How's Kess doing?

Golfchick said...

I don't have a "usually." Living in Simi Valley, I'm lucky enough to have a lot of courses to choose from in the surrounding area. Check my list of Courses I've played.

This weekend I'm either playing Sunset Hills or Rustic Canyon.

Eddie: The tournament is rescheduled for sometime later in the season (maybe September?)
Kess is doing great. She got her sutures removed and her surgeon is really impressed with her progress. She sure is slow at growing hair, though! Thanks for asking. :)

Luke Swilor said...

Sounds like the officials jumped the gun to me. I played a college tournament in Simi at Wood Ranch. Good luck with everything, but most of all, keep having fun.

dave said...

I qualify in the wuss catagory too. I just don't like to play in the rain even light rain. I had a club bounce off of someone in the rain once.

Golfchick said...

Luke: Was it windy at Wood Ranch when you played it? Tough course, but nice, huh?

Dave: I know what you mean. I don't enjoy playing in the rain either. But they had the weather with the radar on the big screen in the pro shop when we were checking in and we saw it wasn't going to last. Plus, we didn't have a teetime anywhwere for Sunday so we probable wouldn't be able to play and that's too long to go without golfing.

I think this guy's problem was more a matter of embarassment. We all played from the whites and this guy hit from the blues and ended up in trouble. He proceeded to hit a couple more bad shots and ended up with a 7 or an 8 while the rest of us bogeyed.