Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ready, Aim, Fire

Has anyone seen, played with or know much about the Ruger Titanium Driver? It seems they make three different lofts, an 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 and pair them with different shafts with very different results. I'm not talking about the Ruger titanium used in Callaway Big Berthas; these are actually Ruger brand. I have one (just the club head, no shaft) and want to know more about it. I've seen a used one online for $50 but it doesn't look the same. Mine is a 9.5 and has an engraved number on it as if it's a limited edition piece. In the picture, the engraved number is just below where it says "Made in USA."

I think it's a really nice looking club head. It looks black, but when the light hits it right, you can see the deep metallic blue. It seems a waste to have a driver head and not get it shafted and play it, but it was a gift and it's special and I don't know about the limited edition status either.

I read a review on the Ruger driver at a site for custom clubs and it said it was best for low handicappers. Another great reason for me not to play it! Yikes.

I've mentioned before that my driver is my favorite club, but don't tell my pitching wedge and sand wedge I said that. They've been so good to me! I never aced a hole with my driver. I use the TaylorMade R580XD in a 10.5 loft with a graphite regular flex shaft. It's gigantic and forgiving and just what I need and allows me to hit the snot out of the ball with little effort and an underdeveloped swing. I'd say my average drive with my cautious swing is about 200 yards, but on really good shots I've gotten it about 250. I'm probably dreaming, but I am hopeful that as I get more confident and will really swing the club that I can eventually "Wie" it.

I also really like the Ruger clubhead cover that came with it and I do use that. It's on my 3-wood, which is also TaylorMade. It turns out all my clubs are TaylorMade, even my putter. I promise I don't work for or represent TaylorMade, this is just the way it worked out. My 3 and 5 woods are the R5 series with the graphite regular flex shaft. My irons are rac OS steel shaft regular flex. They're all men's clubs because I need the length for my height. My putter is the Mezza Monza. This is my least favorite club, but I don't think it's the club's fault. I'm just really struggling with my putting, but that's another story.

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Beaker said...

I love taylormade but i cant afford them. i got my dad's age old clubs