Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Milestone - breaking 100 from the Whites

I did it! On Sunday I played Mountain View again and while the guys I play with all realistically expect to break 80 (and shoot 82) at this course, my goal was to break 100 – from the whites. I shot a 98 with two snowmen on the front (52) and 46 on the back with one 2-par streak on each side. It’s not a difficult course - par 69 for men and 70 for women. The whites are rated 65.0/112 for men and for women the whites are 70.7/121 and the red ratings are 67.3/115. Because of this, some might discount the accomplishment and require it be done at a more challenging course. I mean, I’ve shot in the 90s from the whites at Westlake but that doesn’t count. However, I feel it was challenging enough and I golfed well enough to count it. I played 4 under my handicap for the day so that should say something. I haven’t tried the reds at Mountain View yet - maybe next time I’ll go and try to break 90 from the reds which would be another milestone. I haven’t done that anywhere – not even Westlake where par is only 67. The closest I’ve come is 92.

I made solid contact all day and my main struggle continues to be alignment. Alignment on the greens, for sure, but also from everywhere on the course. I think I’m lining up one way and I’m all askew so even when I strike the ball well it doesn’t go in the right direction. I’m trying now to stand behind the ball looking at my target, then following that line back to my ball and choosing a closer target on that line that I can see when I address the ball. It’s helping, but I’m still struggling. My two eights were due to putting problems. Argh! I specialize in 3-putting, but I also throw in some 4-putts from time to time, just to make things exciting.

My driver was off for the first half, too. I was hitting it well but the ball kept veering right. Not like I was lined up that way, but like a fade or a slice. It wasn’t so severe that it got me into trouble – though on another course results might have been very different. I was so proud of myself for figuring out the problem and correcting it on the back nine. During my backswing on the tees at #10, I noticed the ball was too far back in my stance. Luckily, this realization didn’t cause me to mis-hit my tee shot. So then I corrected the ball position on the rest of the holes and by golly, the thing went straight where I aimed it. Have I mentioned I love my driver?

I also played with the same ball the whole round. We'll just have to wait and see how long that streak lasts.

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richard said...

Congratulations! Enjoying your blog... Just found it and immediately added a link at golfSLO.com.

Golfchick said...

Thanks Richard - I'll check it out!