Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Once again - beware of rattlesnakes!

It's rattlesnake season again, so be careful out there!

If you're daring (or stupid) enough to go into the brush looking for your golf ball, at least take a club with you and make lots of noise as you go about it. For me, that $3 ball just isn't worth the risk of a bite.

Sure, they rattle to warn you, but you might come across one without the time to warn you because they hide and camouflage themselves so well. A friend of mine saw his playing partner get bit on the arm as the guy just reached in for his ball. End of round, hospital visit and about a week of agony. I think he learned his lesson.

Here's an ambitious little snake that wants to be a rattlesnake when he grows up. He was stretched out on the cart path, blocking my way down a hill last week. I touched his tail with my toe to get him to move along and he got all badass on me. From then on, I treated him with the respect he was seeking. I managed to just squeak the cart through between his tail and the tall brush on the side of the path at top speed so he didn't have time to strike. Sure, he might not have the venom of a rattler but I'm sure a bite would still hurt. I even let out a little squeal as I drove by - but only to make him feel better about himself.

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Patricia said...

Aw Kristen, you know how to make a little guy feel 10 feet tall...or 10 feet long in this case.