Friday, May 11, 2007

"New" rental clubs?!?!?

Mom needs some golf clubs!

My mom has only played golf a few times but she really enjoys getting out on the course with me and swatting the ball around. The last time we played, I was impressed with her as she thwacked some really good ones from the tee, the fairway, the rough and the bunkers and made some really good putts. And she did all that with a beat up set of clubs she rented.

Before they brought out the rental set, I inquired if they had any used rental sets for sale (since Mom's in the market). He said they didn't sell (or have) demo clubs. I repeated that I was actually asking about rental sets and explained that I thought maybe when they upgraded their rentals they sold the old ones. He told me that all their sets are still quite new and they weren't ready to be replaced. Then he brought out the golf clubs in question. I laughed out loud.

I know rental sets see some abuse, but to describe these as NEW and to sound so proud of them was ridiculous!

The photo doesn't even really do them justice. Each and every club in the set (including the putter) looked like it had been through a few good rounds of street golf. And if they hadn't been used on asphalt, they had seen hundreds of hard rounds with hackers in the weeds and rocky, dried-up hazards. However many times they have rented out this set, I'm sure they were paid for many times over and they were ready for retirement.

I later looked up the set online and found a brand new set of the same model (Aspire M3) for $80 - with a bag. I'm no math whiz, but at $20 per rental, which is what they charge, I think they can afford to get a few new sets with what they've brought in from this old bag of nuts and still have enough left over to pay the water bill.

Time for Mom to get some golf clubs of her own, 'cause she's got skillz! Hmmm... if only there was an occasion for a gift, like a day celebrating all things Mom. Oh, wait.

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Tswarts said...

I like the idea of "Street Golf." Reminds me of friends who used their old skis for stair slaloms. May not be a good idea to use real golf balls, but I think you may be on to something if you used Almost Golf balls. It could make for a great fundraiser or Saturday afternoon tavern tourney. Hope you remembered your Mom yesterday.

Scott said...

While you're sherpa-ing for Mom's club selection, I stumbled across this company last year: http://www.golfclubdemo.com/
Looks like a neat way to play some rounds with some nice gear....
Course, you can always surf over to CallawayGolfPreowned.com and get her some NICE gear, too....
Did you see my posting this weekend? I'm actually lusting for a TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad...I'm so ASHAMED....

George said...

I'm curious -- did your mom get the gift of golf clubs on Sunday?

I like your blog

woundedduck said...

Here's what you do: some Saturday, pick your mom up, grab a couple of lattes, and head to the nearest Roger Dunn. They usually have a great selection of used clubs, and many are cheaper than you'll find on eBay. Here's a link to their store locator:http://www.worldwidegolfshops.com/html/roger_dunn_golf_shops.html
My entire bag is composed of Roger Dunn used gear, and a lot of it was bought for dimes on the dollar. woundedquacker.blogspot.com

Golfchick said...

Mom got her new set of clubs yesterday (we weren't together on the actual Mother's day) and we're going out today to put them to use.

I didn't want to respond until after I gave them to her. She reads this blog!

I went with a full set of Aspire GPS (driver, 3 & 5 wood, 2 hybrids, 6I-SW, putter, cart bag & 5 headcovers) in a beautiful cream and goldish color. She loves them and was giddy.