Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Dreaded "Y word" at Worldgolf

Well, it's that time of month again. No, not the time when I get all cranky and roll around in chocolate - my latest column is up at Worldgolf. Since their disaster of a new site design isn't just ugly, but a navigational nightmare, you might want to use my link below if you want to read it. Hmm... maybe it is that time of the month after all. I hope I don't get fired for voicing that opinion.

Anyway, the column is about understanding the bizarre phenomenon called The Yips. WAIT - hear me out: as a superstitious person myself, it was a daunting topic for me at first. But the more I learned about it, the more comfortable I was talking about it without fearing that I'd catch it.

Unfortunately, I have a small word count range in these columns so it's difficult for a long-winded writer such as myself to turn in anything substantive. I plan to follow up that article with more about the topic here on The Golfchick blog. I have a very cooperative friend named Neil who is suffering from the putting yips and I hope to include video clips in future posts. I guess the column could be considered an introduction to what might become a series here. We'll see!


Double Eagle said...

Nice article!

I think the yips scare me the most because they're not restricted to weekend duffers. Some of the all time greats have had bouts. Ben Hogan, for instance.

Jam Boy said...

Always love reading your writing Kristen. Keep it up.

For me, not having enough confidence with feel on the greens and constantly being concerned about speed was what led to my occasional bouts with the yips.

And I'm not saying this is right by any means, but one thing that really helped me overcome my problems on the greens was to focus on simply making a good putting stroke. A smooth, even motion that makes good, consistent contact with the ball. If I feel like I've made a solid stroke and the ball doesn't go in the hole, then I truly believe that it is NOT my fault and that there is simply an issue with the green.

Again, might not be the BEST way of looking at it, but for me, it really helped to give me some more confidence out there. And I use a similar technique with the players I caddie for. If they miss a putt and don't indicate that it was their fault, I tell them that they made a great putting stroke and that it was MY fault they missed the putt. I always try to give players a lot of confidence with their putting strokes, whatever they look like, because a player who putts consistently one way or another is easier to read for than somebody who's all over the place and intimidated on the greens.

Anyway, I hope all is well and keep at it.

mediaguru @ HookedOnGolfBlog.com said...

I don't get the putting yips but I do believe I have bouts of "chip yips" though...

Duke said...

I see what you mean about Worldgolf...geesh..Looks like they had the yeps with knowing when to say enough.

You havw a great blog here...I have your feed...I'll be back.


woundedduck said...

I once read that Ben Hogan has the yips so badly that he could stand over a putt for up to two minutes before making his stroke. That is the best definition of agony I've ever heard.