Friday, April 20, 2007

Butts on golf courses

I often find myself saying - either aloud or in my head - "What is WRONG with people?" Sometimes it's for more serious actions, but I also use it for the stupid little things people do.

Like leaving cigar and cigarette butts all over the golf course. I mean, come on! Presumably, you'll repair your divots and ball marks in an effort to clean up after yourself and keep the course nice. So what's the difference? Do you have to be told to pick up your trash as well? Well, if you haven't yet, here goes...

I hereby dub it official golf etiquette (because I have that power) to keep all golf courses free of your own litter, including butts!

Just remember...

BAD Litter

GOOD Litter!

1 comment:

Scott said...

I am RIGHT there with you, Kristen!
(Especially about that being good litter...how CUTE is THAT???)

But seriously, {Rant on} why do people leave cigarette butts, and the remnants of cigars all over the course???

Just because you've made the choice to carry smoldering carcinogenic products with you onto the golf course doesn't give you the right to inflict your choice upon those that share the course with you! Stamp 'em out, and put 'em in the trash can!

And for the good of the game, people, PLEASE do NOT begin your round until you make sure that you've got a ball-mark repair tool in your pocket! Please learn how to use it (PROPERLY), so you don't kill the grass in the process, and please USE IT to fix your (and at least one OTHER) ball mark on the greens!

If we think about others as well as ourselves, our rounds of golf will be much more pleasant....like that basket of puppies...

{Rant off}