Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Snap previews: annoying or cool?

I found a little plerb that I added to my site that shows snapshot previews of my links. Run your mouse over any of my outbound links and you'll see what I mean. I got it on snap.com and thought it was groovy but now that I see it in action I think it might get old fast. I haven't decided yet if it's annoying or not. Any thoughts?

Update: They were really getting on my nerves so I took 'em down. Thanks for the input and not complaining when I make up words like 'plerb'.

Next post.


wkw said...

ote ere for annoying. Perhaps if they were a little easier to control. As of now if you move your mouse at all on pages that have Snap, about 8 of those things pop up.


Patricia said...

I'd probably have to say cool but annoying. I think it really depends on the blog though. On a blog like yours where the links are pertinent and few it's cool. On one like mine where there are tons of wacky links it would be annoying. Note to self: cut back on the superfluous links. Among other things. ;o)

Scott said...

Ummm...tending towards annoying...they allocate too much real estate to them, and they obliterate too much...

But kudos to you for being a technology pioneer!