Saturday, January 20, 2007

Say it ain't so, Phil!

While looking over some more Birdie Girl bloggerage, I saw a disappointing report about Phil Mickelson on Score Golf.

Phil will "most likely" use Callaway's FT-i square driver at the Masters this year. Seems he's convinced the thing will help him hit it straighter. I don't know if that's the magic bullet or not but if he's got it in his head that it will do the trick, that might be all it takes. He's got his body in better shape. As for whether he's got his mind right, that he's using one of those weird square things makes me think he doesn't.

I was wondering if any Tour players were going to try one.

As for the technology, he's almost got me convinced with this quote:

The FT-i isn’t an evolutionary driver, it’s a revolutionary driver,” Mickelson said. “Because the MOI is so high, because the ball goes so straight it doesn’t want to curve. That’s why I’m leaning towards that driver for Augusta. I’m not really trying to maneuver it or curve it; I’m just trying to hit high bombs.

If that's the case, why is he only "leaning towards" it? Maybe he's waiting for the jury of his peers to weigh in on it to see if he's going to get laughed off Augusta National if he shows up with it in his bag.

Hmm... two posts in a row about ugly drivers. Dude, I hope they don't prove out and force me to eat my words, buy one and play blindfolded! Maybe the look will grow on me???

Next post.


John Drennen said...

Well all i can say is he has sponsors to support!!

Luke Swilor said...

KJ Choi won last year with the Nike square one. Commentators said it was one of the best driving displays ever. Who knows.

Patricia said...

Golf Chick, have you had a chance to try one? It might make for an interesting blog post...I would attempt it but with my current lack of driver experience (not to mention skills) I wouldn't have much of a baseline for comparison.

Golfchick said...

Golly, for a golf blogger I don't pay very close attention, do I? Maybe it's because when I watch I bloopbloop through all the BS and commercials. Thanks for pointing that out, Luke.

Pat - interesting idea. I'll give it some thought. Maybe while I mull it over one of our other blogger friends will take care of it.

Kiwi said...

He played it in the 3rd and 4th round of the Buick this weekend.

I've an iDrive clone of FTi and its a machine