Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reader question: Golf "sandwiching"

Rick from Boca Raton, FL asks:

I just bet my friend 10 bucks that there is an expression in golf called "sandwiching."

When, for instance, you are playing teams in match play and one guy does well on one hole and the other does poorly but they keep switching back and forth, one makes birdie, the other bogeys but they never screw up the same whole, this is called SANDWICHING (like "ham and eggs" but sandwiching is another expression)!

My friend says there is no such expression. I say there is.
Have you experts head the term "sandwiching" for good match play golf!?

*Looking around for experts* Oh well, I guess I'll take this one.

I queried the goose just to get another opinion, but she just rolled her eyes at me when I asked.

Sorry, Rick. I haven't heard that term. By no means does that mean it isn't used by golfers everywhere. I play with a lot of different types of folks, but I'm still relatively new to this game and still find out new things all the time. I say if you use it as an expression, it is one! And I'll start using it now so if it isn't out there already, we can spread it.

I have heard other uses for "sandwiching" that have nothing to do with golf, but that's another blog entirely.

Here's a golf sandwich - look at this gigantic tuna melt I got at Glen Annie in Santa Barbara!

Thanks for the question. Sorry about your 10 bucks.

Next post.


Nick said...

We call it "ham and eggin'".

John Gorman said...

Never heard of it. I think a term that means the same thing is "brother-in-lawing" it.

ELY said...

You are SO busted - when you enlarge the picture, that's NOT a glass of milk in the top left quadrant of the picture, Kristen!!!
Seriously, I've only heard the "Ham and Egg" expression, which doesn't really mean much to me, but then again, I've not played in a lot of team matchplay events, either...
Glen Annie is good, but you've GOT to try the cheeseburgers or patty melts at Elkins Ranch in Fillmore...
Plus, their seventeenth and eighteenth holes are legendary, too...
How cute is it that you take pictures of your lunch??? THAT'S dedication to the game!!! (I only save too many of my scorecards...)

tony @ TheGolfSpace.com said...

sorry haven't heard of it.

A great blog post to put together would be all the strange golf terms like that though. Unfortunately many in my group are R rated.