Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Golf Space heats up

Back in early April, The Golf Space was launched with a bang. I posted about it the day after it officially "opened" and at the time, there were already 157 members.

In the nearly and merely 8 months since it began, it has added over 1000 more members and today has an official count of 1204. It's basically like a myspace for golfers and already has an enormous amount of golf content, much of it supplied by its members.

My golf blog buddy Tony (of the Hooked on Golf blog) runs it and he's really doing an amazing job. Members can track their scores and stats, browse for other members, blog or read other members' blogs, view photo galleries, read golf news, chat with other members and more. There are even ways to win free golf stuff.

Check it out at www.thegolfspace.com. You can also visit my own personal golfspace URL (get yours if you haven't already!) at www.thegolfspace.com/golfchick (naturally).

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Yzerfontein said...

Thanks for all those tips and the info about the golf space (I am busy establishing an account there).

Corporate Golfer

mediaguru said...

You rock.