Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Updating my site

I recently switched over to "blogger in beta," which allows me to categorize my posts. This way, a reader can click on a category, for example, "golf course reviews and stories" and see all the posts of that nature.

Categorizing new posts will be easy enough as I write them, but the rest is a work in progress as I go back and label all my old posts. Feel free to let me know if you have suggestions for label names or categories under which you think certain posts belong.

My category "Rants and Random Ramblings" is kind of a catch all miscellaneous category. If anyone can help with ideas on how to better sort out the posts in it, I'd really appreciate it!

I also have to rebuild my links lists so if you used to be on one and aren't now, let me know!

Next post.


tony @ thegolfspace.com said...


Golfchick said...

You think I need a wordpress category? Won't I need some posts about it first? ;)

Patricia said...

Beta blogger is great. Your categories are good, I especially enjoyed reading the Performance and Progress posts. I may create such a category...as soon as I get some pertinant material. :o)

JFB said...

I haven't made a post to a blogger "beta" account, so here goes. I switched too early to a beta account and could not comment to other blogs for the longest time. Plus putting pix up on my site was tough because I use Picasa (and I'm still on dial-up).
I guess we'll see if this comment posts. It'll be a first. I think overall, it will be a positive change for us on Blogger. I'm changing completely over when I have a whole day of no interruption, because once you go to a new template, it will wipe out the old version (it'll save the old one, but you'll have to manually tweak it with your old links etc.)
Anyways, I see your site is really clicking! I'm very glad that you are doing well with it, and keep up the good work!