Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Golf Course recommendations near Washington D.C.

This week I find myself in Washington, D.C. Well, in and around DC. Most of the week is being spent in the Reston/Herndon area with a few trips downtown. Unfortunately, I won't have time to play golf while I'm here this time, but it does look like I'll be returning a few times in the coming months. It's already getting cold here, but I'm not going to let a little thing like seasonal weather stop me from trying to add Virginia and Maryland to my list of states played. I may be spoiled with year-round Southern California golf, but if I need a fix I'll get it where I can.

I'll be researching it on my own, but if anyone can recommend a few golf courses in the areas surrounding DC, I'm listening.

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John Gorman said...

I'm originally from Ventura County too (Westlake Village), and now I live in the DC area. I've played just about every course in the area (I'm a rater for Golfweek), and what I would recommend sort of depends on your level of play and where exactly you'll be staying when you're in DC. I have some reviews of a couple of courses on my blog at www.networkedgolfer.blogspot.com, but here are a few options to start with.

1) Raspberry Falls
2) Augustine
3) Laurel Hill
4) Pleasant Valley
5) Whiskey Creek
6) P.B. Dye
7) Little Bennett
8) Cannon Ridge
9) Maryland National
10) Landsdowne

Good luck!

Golfchick said...

If I do come back this year, it would probably be Herndon during the week and DC on the weekend. Thanks for all the ideas. I'll look into them.


John Gorman said...

If you're going to be out in Herndon and don't want to drive too far or risk getting lost, check out:

1) Raspberry Falls (VA)
2) Westfields (VA)
3) Pleasant Valley (VA)
4) Blue Mash (MD)
5) Stonewall (VA)

I'm going to add your blog to my links list. I really like your enthusiasm for the game and especially for playing different courses. I'm up to 182 courses and counting. I'll email you the list.