Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Golf Chick Turns One

Today is my one year anniversary of starting this blog!

So far, I have put up 118 posts (this one makes 119). That's an average of about one post every three days. August 20 will mark my two-year anniversary of taking up the game of golf. As you can see on my Courses I've Played section, I have already played 55 courses in 14 states! I have written about my experiences at some of those courses on this blog and will continue to do that. Thank you to all the readers that continue to come to my site to share in my experiences and especially to those who post comments - you help keep me motivated. I really enjoy keeping this diary of my golf life and I love to write!

Pardon the interruption

I have been away from online life for the past 10 days. In fact, I just got back last night (actually, early this morning) from a golf vacation! I can now add 4 new courses and 3 new states to my list, which I will be updating soon. I will be writing about those courses and my trip in general in the coming days. The course write-ups will also be seen on worldgolf.com. I got a lot of good photos to go with the stories as well.

Ducks in Nashville (Tennessee, one of the states I can add to my list)

Now I need a vacation from my vacation. I know, vacation from what? I'm unemployed! I told my dog it was because she was too damn cute and I just had to get away from her for awhile because I couldn't stand it anymore. She's so cute it makes me sick. Actually, I did come home with a wicked cold I'm still fighting, which might mean it literally makes me sick to be away from her for so long. It's good to be home, and just as soon as I can get my ducks in a row, I'll be writing those stories. I have also purchased the domain www.thegolfchick.com and in the near future should be transferring this site over to it. I'll keep you posted, so to speak. Stay tuned!

Lining up those ducks!


GolfNomad said...

Well it pleasures me to be the 1st one to say CONGRATULATIONS!!

Kiwi said...

congrats golfchick!!!! and I look forward to reading your posts from the coming year

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Congratz on one year of blogging!! I'm looking forward to your vacation report.

I spent the night in Memphis once. Just down the street from The Peabody (where the ducks ride the elevator every day). My accomadations weren't that great though. I was staying at the Hotel Hooskow.


Golfchick said...

Thanks, Nomad, Kiwi and Greg!

Greg - I hadn't heard of the ducks in the elevator! So what did you do to get thrown in the clink?

Luke Swilor said...

Congrats, Golfchick.

I'm a little older, but a ways behind on posts (and readers).

Keep it up.


And hey, I'm a Newport 2.5 user myself. Good choice.

Golfchick said...

Thanks, Luke.

I love my new putter, but more importantly, I loved that book you recommended. My putting has improved already and I think will continue to get better because of it. I'll probably post a book report about it after I get done with my vacation updates.

I owe you one!


Love said...

Congratulations. By the way,
The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion http://www.thetempleoflove.com/
is the only religion in which Golf figures prominently.

Eat Golf said...

Holy Cow! Has it been a year?

You have built up such a wonderful website where I've read every single word - doesn't seem nearly like a year already - wow!

So let me be the first... err.. one of the many, to say Congratulations on a year of golf blogging! Your first Anniversabloggery!


I'll continue to anxiously await each and every post from you Kristen

Good Stuff Good Stuff!!!

mediaguru said...

Happy blogday!