Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Strange days

Weird: I haven't felt much like golfing lately. I think I'll go today just because I can and it's a beautiful day and see if that fires me back up about it.

Update: I went out and hit some balls at the range and the results caused me not to "waste" my money on a round. It felt so odd! I was hitting my woods & driver solidly, but out of nowhere I had this enormous slice. And my irons? Yikes, they felt so awkward in my hands, as if I'd never held a golf club before. What was going on? Sometimes when things feel wrong, I hit some punch shots to set myself straight, and I couldn't even do that. Bizarre... I hope it magically goes away next time I go out - probably tomorrow.

Next post.


Jason said...

I wish it was nice out here...rainy and humid.

GolfNomad said...

sounds like your in a golf rut..

Eddie said...

Hi Kristen,
I was wondering about your job situation?? Any news??? I hope the best for you.

JFB said...

It's called stress! It'll kill a good golf swing.

All the best,


Golfchick said...

Hi Eddie,

I'm taking some time off to regroup and come up with a new plan. I'm keeping an active eye on opportunities while mulling over some business ideas.

Thanks, everyone, for your support!


mediaguru said...

This happened to me today. But for other reasons I'm just not caring what I shoot right now.