Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tricky Masters coverage - set your DVR right!

Awhile back, I put up a post called "TiVo tips for golf fans." Among other things, it explains how to set up a Wishlist in order to make sure it automatically records all the golf you want. My "PGA" keyword wishlist gets a whole lot of golf, even things I don't want. But the one glaring thing it misses is the Masters!

I mentioned in that post that I have a separate keyword wishlist for the Masters, but I just checked my to-do list and it wasn't on there. Turns out I didn't have it set to auto record, so I needed to view upcoming episodes and tell it to record. Now, I'm not really big on watching sports on TV and I don't follow the Masters like some obsessed mediaguru, so I didn't even know on what channel to look for it. Good thing my wishlist tracked it down.

In case you don't know (and I don't know if it's even true in all areas), it's on USA the first two days and CBS over the weekend. So if you're already at work and didn't set your TiVo right, just come on over to my place tonight and we'll all have a party watching it. Then get out and set your own DVR for the rest of it! You've been warned! :)

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mediaguru said...

"just come on over..."
I'm on the way ;-)
signed: the obscessed

Golfchick said...

Wahoo! A stalker party! I've been wanting to show my appreciation... throw 'em a party!

mediaguru said...

We can invite Eat but we'd have to have the part at 2 in the afternoon....when he wakes up.

Golfchick said...

He's a terrible stalker anyway ... I haven't seen him in months! Or does that mean he's just really good at it?

Eat Golf said...

Holy pimento cheese, did I sleep through a golfchick stalker party? You young kids having parties before dark..

Get off my lawn :)

NothingMan said...

Too funny!

On one hand I agree with Chick that Guru is obsessed, but on the other, I'm watching Amen Corner on my work PC every time the coast is clear *gulp*.